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  1. The last date for paying Registration fee and Caution Deposit is JUNE 29

  2.  All payments should be carried out through online from the student’s bank account.

  3.  Follow this link to get the fee structure: FEES STRUCTURE

  4.  Bank account details are included in the above link.

  5.  You can join the hostel the day before the classes start(classes will start on 1-July-2024). The application form (linked below) should be filled out while coming to the hostel.

  6.  Link to the application form: APPLICATION FORM

  7.  Hostel staffs can be contacted through these numbers: Jibin Biju –7012649016.

  8.  To join the what’s app group click the link: What's App Group



St Thomas College Palai Educational Trust



Email: Phone: 04822 295683

Admissions: (UG & PG First Years) 2024-2025

Admission Process & Guidelines

  1. Get permanent admission to St Thomas College Palai Autonomous.

  2. Fill in the google form following. The link will be enabled once the first allotment list is out.

  3. Gmail account is mandatory for all applicants. Check your mail regularly.

  4. Read the hostel guidelines found in Annexure I. Please ignore the directions given in the guidelines regarding the admission process. The updated version of the guidelines will be published in due course with inputs from  UGC/Government.      

  5. If provisionally admitted, you will be notified by email.

  6. After receiving the above mentioned email, the candidate has to pay the Registration Fee as per Annexure II (Rs.2000) and the Caution Deposit (Rs.5000 for General and Rs.2500 for SC,ST&OEC).The Caution Deposit will be refunded at the end of the academic year. Since only online payments are allowed, candidates must have personal bank accounts.

  7. You will be allotted a room (2 persons) when regular classes begin. In any case, you have to send us an email detailing your travel plans.

  8. The admission procedure is carried out on a yearly basis and so a student has to renew his hostel admission every year.


​​​Fr. Dr. Kuriakose (Salvin) Kappiliparampil


Ph: 9495188517


Jibin Biju – Hostel Staff

Ph: 7012649016

Fr.Abin Pallackal (Asst.Warden)

Ph: 9496336032

Christu Raj Hostel (C R) is a spacious three-story edifice situated at the eastern end of the college campus along the banks of the Meenachil. Established in 1952, C R comprises 85 double occupancy rooms for men, which can accommodate up to 150 undergraduate students and 20 postgraduate students. The hostel is a constituent of the St. Thomas College Palai Educational Trust and functions autonomously in terms of its internal administration while being subject to the overall supervision of the Board of Trustees. The hostel is under the administration of a warden, who is appointed by the Bishop of Palai and is assisted by an assistant warden in all matters related to the hostel. It is imperative to note that the hostel strictly adheres to the guidelines laid out by the Board of Trustees and is committed to providing a safe and conducive environment for the students to thrive in.

Fr. Dr. Kuriakose (Salvin) Kappiliparampil 

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